HOME taco bar

Kamakura Koshigoe 2-10-25-202.定休日火曜日open12:00-15:00.17:30-20:00コロナによる変更あり



HOME という名前をつけました

080-1387-9292   Open 12:00-15:00./17:30-20:00

HOME taco bar and beach house is 2 minute walk from Enoden Koshigoe Station!  2 minute walk from the beach!
Play in the sea and eat tacos!  The best! 

 We named it HOME because we want you to feel at home! 
 080-1387-9292    Open 12:00-15:00/17:30-20:00



In 2003, Dylan, Sho and Tomo met in San Francisco. In 2019, 17 years after an inevitable encounter, we started an American restaurant in Koshigoe, Kamakura City with taco and burrito as the main inspiration from Tomo.  The story of opening the store just 40 days after contracting is truly dramatic!  Dylan had been away from everyone in San Francisco and enjoyed surfing with San Diego, Japan and Hawaii, but Sho went to New York to be a French chef.  And what surprised us most was Sho's chef skills!! Smoked meats and amazing original sauces!  We were absolutely confident of this!  Try this taste, which is definitely the best in Japan!